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Growth Strategies- Happy Hour & Baseball

LIVE Growth Strategies, Happy Hour & Baseball New Britain Bees Stadium | 230 John Karbonic Way | Berlin, CT 06037 Thursday, June 21, 2018 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM (EDT)

Project Services for a Greener Building

By now you’ve heard the buzz about green cleaning, maybe it is time to get on the sustainability bandwagon. Simply changing out the products used in your facility is not enough to make your building truly green.

Meeting Set Aside Requirements Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Quality

General contractors have the obligation to award contracts to MBE contractors when working on state projects. While these set aside programs create exceptional opportunities they sometimes force GCs to work with less experienced contractors that can compromise the quality of the work done as well as the safety of the job site.

Construction Cleaning 101; What Every GC Should Know About Construction Cleaning

The difference between rough and final cleaning is simple. The goal of rough cleaning is to control dust and keep the site free from excessive debris where as final cleaning makes a new building move-in ready and prepared for the customer’s janitorial services team to take over. While the scope of rough cleaning services is limited it dramatically reduces the time to complete final cleaning and can help reduce construction cleaning costs.

Why Green? Why Now?

In recent years green cleaning has received a great deal of press and an increasing number of states are requiring cleaning services be green and the private sector is beginning to ask the same of their cleaning contractors.

Choose Well; Selecting the right final cleaning contractor

Final cleaning is one of the most overlooked trades on the site. The work we do doesn’t require the same precision as an electrician or the craftsmanship of a carpenter however your final cleaning contractor can make or break your project delivery. Final construction cleaning has a disproportionate impact on your customer’s impression of their new facility and final cleaning contractors can sabotage tight timelines with even minor mistakes or scheduling mishaps.

Ending final clean change orders

Change orders are a necessary evil in the construction industry but they don’t have to plague your final construction cleaning. Making a few simple changes in planning & workflow can virtually eliminate final cleaning ticket work and the administrative hassles associated with change orders.
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