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Fundamentals for ensuring quality janitorial services for your facility

You want the best for your facility so you are careful to select a cleaning contractor with a track record for delivering high quality services. Selecting your contractor is only the first step ensuring your facility looks outstanding.

Fundamentals for Ensuring Quality

Be Familiar With Your Contract

Knowing what is included in your contract plays an important role in maintaining overall quality. Less reputable cleaning contractors will cut corners and skip areas or tasks that go unnoticed. This neglect leads to a need for additional project and detail services in the future and compromises your facility services budget.

Participate in Quality Assurance Inspections

Request an inspection schedule from your building services contractor and observe and participate in the inspections periodically. Doing this allows you to see exactly how your building is being measured and identify areas where your opinion of clean and your contractor’s evaluation of “satisfactory”

Communicate With Your Contractor

Even the best cleaning contractors have off nights if something seems “off” about your services bring it to the attention of your account supervisor early to prevent future issues. Frequently, service incidents are isolated but tracking the snafus allow contractors to better serve you in the future.

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