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Project Services for a Greener Building

By now you’ve heard the buzz about green cleaning, maybe it is time to get on the sustainability bandwagon. Green cleaning services are a responsible choice for organizations looking to protect mother earth and the use of environmentally preferable products and methodologies have been linked to decreased absenteeism and improved morale. Simply changing out the products used in your facility is not enough to make your building truly green.

A number of studies have confirmed that dust control and deep cleaning are effective methods for reducing levels of viruses, bacteria, particulates, endotoxins, molds, and allergens in indoor environments.

Project Services to Green-Up Your Facility

Carpet Extraction

In addition to keeping your facility looking great carpet extraction improves indoor air quality by removing dust and other particulates. Moreover, extraction prolongs the lifetime of your carpet by removing dirt that acts as an abrasive wearing down fibers creating a dull, shabby look.

High Dusting

High dusting programs improve the indoor air quality in your facility and protect the health of building occupants.

Hard Surface Floor Care


Floor buffing keeps floors shining and extends the time between floor refinishing. This means your floors look great with less use of the sometimes caustic chemicals used in the stripping process. An added benefit is buffing floors is typically cheaper than refinishing.

Stripping & Refinishing

Stripping & refinishing is fundamental to prolonging the appearance of your hard surface floors. Not only does floor finish prevent dirt from entering the pores of the flooring surfaces and acting as an abrasive finish also has anti-slip properties that help reduce slip-and-fall risk to building occupants.

For green floor care you must…

Notify all employees & occupants of the scheduled floor maintenance to reduce exposure
Insist on low VOC strippers & allow your contactor additional time to complete floor service as green strippers are not as effective as traditional strippers.
Plan to buff floors between services to prolong the time between services

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