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Ending final clean change orders

Change orders are a necessary evil in the construction industry but they don’t have to plague your final construction cleaning. Making a few simple changes in planning & workflow can virtually eliminate final cleaning ticket work and the administrative hassles associated with change orders.

1. Plan for an initial quick clean and hold off on your final cleaning until all punch list items are completed.

Quick Clean should include

  • Dusting of cabinets, counters & walls
  • Sanitizing anything that requires it for inspections

Quick Cleaning services are eliminated if a through rough cleaning is completed or final cleaning is delayed until all other trades have completed work.

2. Reconsider accountability.

  • Sign off on areas after final cleaning has been satisfactorily completed and post signs limiting access to areas that have been cleaned.
  • Whenever possible lock areas that have been completed as to limit exposure to the cleaned & completed areas

Hold trades responsible for cleaning up after themselves when they work in areas that have undergone final cleaning. This reduces recleaning expenses and keeps your project on schedule.

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