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Flu season cleaning plan for high touch areas for day personnel

Plan for Cleaning and Disinfection procedures - Flu Season - Day porter


List high touch areas: Door handles, push plates, common touch screens, etc.


Clean with visible soil with properly diluted Alpha HP solution

Disinfect with EPA registered disinfectant wipes effective for influenza A

Allow 30 second dwell time and allowed to air dry

Dispose wipes frequently


Common areas - High touch areas


3x/day: Main doors, elevator controls, door push plates, handrails, vending machines, water coolers, restroom sinks and handles & doors


Lower usage areas


1x/day: Individual door knobs, conference room tables, phones, chairs, all common touch screens




Live review dilution of pre cleaning with Alpha HP

Live review disinfection with disinfecting wipe

Live review of use of gloves and disposal

Observe rotation of cleaning/disinfection

Adjust rotation with emphasis on the highest use areas

Quality control by live random inspections



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