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Choose Well; Selecting the right final cleaning contractor

Final cleaning is one of the most overlooked trades on the site. The work we do doesn’t require the same precision as an electrician or the craftsmanship of a carpenter however your final cleaning contractor can make or break your project delivery. Final construction cleaning has a disproportionate impact on your customer’s impression of their new facility and final cleaning contractors can sabotage tight timelines with even minor mistakes or scheduling mishaps.

While our work isn’t the most technical it is important that general contractors review the qualifications of final cleaning contractors as thoroughly as they would plumbers or skilled trades.

Selecting the right final cleaning contractor

Insurance & Bonding Capacity

Unfortunately the facility services industry is filled with fly-by-night contractors that operate without proper insurance. Look particularly hard at contractors that submit bids that are far below the market.

Training & Supervision

Know who is going to be on your site. Many final cleaning contractors use janitorial service employees to staff construction jobs. While these men & women may pay close attention to detail they seldom have training specific to construction site safety.

Look for OSHA Certified staff and well seasoned supervisors

Administrative Capacity

In theory anyone can clean however AIA billing and Certified Payroll Reports require special expertise not all cleaning contractors have. Make sure the experience of your front-runner goes beyond getting the job done and includes solid follow-through by professional administrative personnel.

Related Experience

Any cleaning contractor can get rave reviews on small retail jobs and private residences but working on a large, multi-phased project requires advanced planning, exceptional communication and a large and easily mobilized workforce to respond to rapid scheduling changes.

When your deadline looms closer it becomes increasingly important that you trust a contractor with a reputation for success on projects similar in size and scope to your own.

Carefully Compare Scopes

Many contractors submit low bids by cutting the services you’ll receive. To ease the decision making process consider using a standard scope of work on which all contractors must bid.

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