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We take care of your facility so you can focus on healing patients

Dedication to well-being extends beyond treatment plans. Healthcare professionals know the critical role that cleanliness, friendliness, and efficiency play throughout their facilities. Horizon has the experience and expertise to help balance infrastructure and service needs with your core operational requirements. Skilled and caring service professionals trained for the unique challenges of healthcare facilities impact more than budget lines. They can lessen emotional distress and heighten the well-being of patients, guests, and staff. Focused on enhancing the patient experience, Horizon supports the goals and core values of hospitals, medical offices, or senior living facilities.


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Banner Health is using mobile chatbots to help patients remotely complete the paperwork and check-in processes for medical appointments before they step into the clinic.

Sgt. Carlos Muldoon, who was one of 30 deployed to the oncology department at Phoebe Putney Hospital said many of the National Guard troops have been deployed to help battle the coronavirus pandemic by disinfecting hospitals and nursing homes.

Because of the COVID-19  pandemic, healthcare facilities are looking at the space they have available and how they can make better use of it

Hospitals & Healthcare

Patients, guests, and professionals expect your hospital to be a safe haven of health. Horizon provides unmatched healthcare facility services backed by budget-conscious solutions and a highly-skilled workforce dedicated to helping you create a healthier healing environment that’s comfortable, clean, and compliant.

Senior Living Services

Seniors and their families desire a residential facility that mirrors the comfort of home with the safety and reliability of assisted care. Horizon offers a variety of solutions designed to keep your senior living residence running efficiently and safely with keen attention to the unique needs of senior care.

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