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Revamping Maintenance for Energy Efficiency, Productivity

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Beams of Energy

By Dan Hounsell, Editor-in-Chief

There is nothing permanent except change, according to an ancient Greek philosopher. In that case, Jennifer DuPlessis has brought a sense of permanence to her school district. Duplessis is executive director of operations for the Wylie Independent School District in Texas, and since she arrived at the district three years ago, few things within her areas of responsibility have stayed the same. Through a natural disaster recovery, new facilities, major enrollment growth, a presidential visit and an array of upgrades to facilities and department processes, she has enhanced the energy efficiency of her facilities and the productivity of the department.

When and where did your career in facilities management begin?

I started by working in a smaller business unit of a large multinational controls and electrical contractor in January 2001. I was recruited by this company as I neared graduation with a bachelor’s degree in business. I wasn’t really expecting the call from the contractor that was recruiting, but I was really fascinated by the idea of doing facilities work because it was active and there was something going on every day.

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