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How Horizon Services Goes Above and Beyond Your Expectations

At Horizon Services, we have always taken pride in offering superior commercial cleaning services in CT, New York and Massachusetts that go above and beyond our rivals. When you hire us for commercial or industrial cleaning, we will provide your company with cleaning services that go above and beyond your expectations. We do this in several ways:

Commercial cleaning services catered to your requirements.

Horizon has experience working with businesses of all sizes to provide cleaning services. We know how to provide thorough and efficient cleaning to every industry we serve, from educational and medical facilities to warehouses, offices, and more. We can tailor our solutions not only to the nature of your company but also to your schedule. We will provide cleaning services on the best program for you, whether you run a retail operation that needs day porter services. At the same time, your business is open, or you are available during business hours and need janitorial services after you close for the day.

Comprehensive green cleaning services

We incorporate our Horizon Green Cleaning Program into all our services. Our non-toxic, biodegradable, low VOC, free of known carcinogens, and fragrance-free cleaning products and procedures are also non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Our cleaning services do not only not harm the environment but also do not release any fumes that might irritate respiratory systems or bother your facility's occupants with unpleasant smells.

Modern cleaning techniques

The staff at Horizon has received extensive training in safe and efficient cleaning procedures, including specialized instruction for staff members who provide medical cleaning services. For your carpets, hard floors, and other surfaces, we use specialized cleaning agents, color-coded microfiber cloths and bottles to prevent cross-contamination, and thorough cleaning procedures.

Prioritized quality and customer satisfaction checks

Through routine 50-point quality checks and monthly customer satisfaction surveys, your Horizon Site Manager will ensure that your company's cleaning services meet our high standards. 

You need to hire a cleaning service that will uphold your strict standards for the cleanliness of your facility because you have a business to run. Contact us today to find out how Horizon will exceed your expectations with our industrial and commercial cleaning services in CT, New York and Massachusetts

Flexible Business Janitorial Service Package

Horizon Services Company provides unique cleaning service programs for every type of industry, location, and budget while delivering exceptional cleanliness and the highest level of customer service in the industry.

Horizon’s cleaning programs accommodate all shifts, facility sizes, and cleaning service requirements. We offer daily, weekly, evening, and weekend commercial cleaning services in CT, New York and Massachusetts service options, from basic cleaning necessities to total facility management solutions. Our comprehensive facility management programs offer extensive commercial cleaning services and maintenance options, including day porter services, nightly cleaning services, preventive maintenance inspections, on-demand emergency maintenance resources, and permanent on-site supervision.


Our full-service cleaning options are popular for large-scale facilities and property management firms. With so many options, Horizon promises to keep your facility clean, sanitary, and inviting on any budget. Contact us today for our commercial cleaning services in CT, New York and Massachusetts.

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