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Best Disinfection Procedures & Tools for the Office


We understand how important office sanitation is for workplace productivity. We want to help you empower your staff with disinfection tools to maintain a germ-free office environment. 


In the interest of getting everyone back to the office. Horizon is sponsoring a live Disinfection Procedures and Tools Workshop presented by Thomas Group to help mitigate the spread of bacteria in the workplace.

Yes, routine janitorial cleaning can help reduce the spread of bacteria in the office, but you can not solely rely on it. It is imperative that your facility occupants are informed on effective procedures and tools that can be integrated with their daily work tasks to help maintain a clean & safe working environment.

Disinfection Procedures and Tools Workshop is presented by Thomas Group. A non-profit sanitation group. With a core mission to educate workplace facility occupants on best practices to maintain a healthy facility, and limit the spread of SARS-COV-2.

There is no obligation. Simply register your company below for a sponsored workshop on behalf of Horizon Service Company. As part of the workshop, your office will receive some of the best handheld disinfection tools so your occupants can use freely throughout the facility.

Event Registration

Best Disinfection Procedures & Tools for the Office
Upon Request
Workshop: Webinar or On-site
Upon Request
Workshop: Webinar or On-site
Disinfection Procedures and Tools Workshop to help mitigate the spread of SARS-COV-2 in the workplace. More details below.

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