Job Title: President & General Manager

Job description:

General Management Role/Recruitment of Highest Talent

  • Recruit, attract, retain and grow talent for all existing and future positions

  • Ensure that managers are performing to their goals and job descriptions

  • Sales Manager Role-Annual Sales Goals (January) Conduct weekly sales meeting

  • Annual Janitorial Operations Profit, Budget, Quality goals. Conduct weekly meeting.

  • Post-Construction role-Profit, Budget, Quality goals. Conduct weekly meeting.

  • Marketing role. Hire, manage to lead new marketing initiatives to support rapid growth.


Improving Quality Services to Customer & Oversight on Quality Plan

  • Oversight role: conducts random checks of customers, and then follows-up with applicable Operations. 

  • Conducts a monthly forecast sales and operations meeting to discuss customer issues.

  • Industrial psychologist role – Tune all business processes for employee work satisfaction

  • Monthly calculation contract metrics- New and removed contracts, analysis

  • Plan, monitor and create Annual goals for operations to meet for budget and quality

Oversight on Financial Condition of Company


  • Personal leadership on collection of receivables after review of monthly days of AR, working capital, financial ratios

  • Take charge on differences in Monthly YTD gross revenue in comparison to gross revenue targets

  • Monthly review of financial statements and bank statements

  • Economist role- Predict and buffer economic conditions which will affect Horizon

  • Manage/Obtain outside or inside financing for expansion.


Vision and Strategy for Growth


  • Continually set new, higher, standards for delivering service to customer for retention and referrals

  • Develop new geographic markets and new services to satisfy them

  • Complete acquisitions that enhance revenue and bottom line & create new strategies for new business growth

  • Continually review, plan, modify departments for efficiency

  • Planning for outside talent or internal expertise to support above

  • Creation of new policies and procedures to support new standards to support above

  • Develop growth & legal structure to allow for growth plans

  • Research and adopt new technology and methodology to enable above

Personal Customer Service and Relations

  • Creating genuine relationships alliances with customers, competitors and suppliers

Perform & perfect future positions, Interim Roles & future contracted roles: (Develop controller position), Sales Manager, Education manager, VP of M&A, HR manager

Horizon Services Company

Headquartered in East Hartford, CT with offices throughout the US, Horizon is a leader in:

Employee Resources

Janitorial Cleaning SErvices

The Horizon Services Company Standard of Clean delivers maximum results at a price that fits any budget. Horizon Services Company’s professional cleaning and facilities maintenance packages are designed to fulfill the unique cleaning requirements of each facility. All service contracts contain a detailed scope of work tailored to the individual cleaning needs of your facility and include regular quality control inspections by a Horizon Services Operations Manager.


Horizon Services Company provides unique cleaning service programs for every type of industry, location, and budget while delivering exceptional cleanliness and the highest level of customer service in the industry.

Horizon’s cleaning programs accommodate all shifts, facility sizes, and cleaning service requirements. We offer daily, weekly, evening, and weekend cleaning service options from basic cleaning necessity to total facility management solutions. Our total facility management programs offer extensive cleaning and maintenance options including day porter services, nightly cleaning services, preventive maintenance inspections, on-demand emergency maintenance resources, and permanent on-site supervision. Our full-service cleaning options are a popular choice for large-scale facilities and property management firms. With so many options to choose from, Horizon promises to keep your facility clean, sanitary, and inviting on any budget.

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