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Event cleaning services

Horizon Services' professional capabilities to plan, operate and execute custodial and maintenance plans have been crucial to the success of Madison Square Garden Stadium Operations, MSG Connecticut 

Large venues make tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of first impressions on a single day. Event & large venue services from Horizon ensure that guest one and 100,000 have the same awe-inspiring reaction when they walk through your doors.

All events are different; Horizon's goal is to determine the scope of each event cleaning in order to provide your facility with the appropriate level of service. 


Event Cleaning Services

Pristine facility for your entertainers and guest 

Topics to be discussed. 

  • Anticipation of Staff

​Pre-Event Cleaning

  • Thorough Cleaning of all restrooms including supply replenishment

  • Additional preparation of areas as dictated by the individual event

​Pre-Event Conference

Carpet Extraction

​During Event Cleaning

  • A porter will be assigned to all suits.

  • Bathrooms will be maintained and stocked at all times during the event

  • Horizon event manager and supervisor will be accessible to venue personnel via walkie-talkie to respond to cleaning or facility emergencies occur

​Post-Event Cleaning

  • Following any event, Horizon Services will return to the venue the

  • Thorough cleaning of all restrooms

  • Cleaning and preparation of locker rooms

  • Thorough cleaning of all venue controlled areas including and not limited to box office, suites etc.

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