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Executives & Leadership

Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success.

Connecticut Office

Laura Burshor

Human Resource Director

Ted Hsu

President, CEO

Rich Konopka

V.P of Operations

Thomas Baerlein

Sr. Account Executive

Guillermo Belgrave

Operation Manager

Daniela Pacheco

Human Resource

Robert Schultz

Account Executive

Angel Figueroa

Operations Supervisor

Vanessa Peterson

Accounts Receivable 

Jonathan Mumby

Marketing Manager

Florida Office

Sarina Gwinford

Operation Manager

Debrah Neil

Human Resource

Tierra Mooreland

Account Executive

Mike Peterson

Accounts Receivable

Conard Tillman

V.P. of Business Development

Patrick Greene

Sr. Vice President of Operations

Tina Fay

Sr. Account Executive

Colorado Office

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