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Whether you are a super affiliate or just looking to make extra income leveraging your existing network, there’s never a bad time to get started with Horizon's affiliate program.

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Servicing Multiple Industries

30 Years

Proven System


Potential Commission Pay Out

As a Horizon affiliate, you will begin a career that is both financially & professionally rewarding. When you refer a friend to our affiliate program you will earn commission on their first lead deal that is closed.

Where Entrepreneurs
Get Empowered

Tired of finding new ways to acquire leads for your business? Or just looking for an added source of income?

The Horizon affiliate program allows you to refer leads and earn a commission for each lead you hand over. Our team is ready and equipped to refer our leads to help your business grow. 


For over 30 years, Horizon has offered services to class A facilities across the Northeast. Affiliates continue to choose Horizon because of our above industry average sales closure rate. 

We've paid our commissions on time, throughout the company's history.

Commissions as High as 10%

Earn $5 for every submission and up to 10% commission if the deal is won.

Promote Upsell Service Offers

You can choose to promote our specialized cleaning services as part of your upsell.

Get Paid on Time

We've built our reputation by paying our affiliates & team on time, every time for 30 years.

Recurring Commissions

Horizon Janitorial services are like subscriptions. This means you'll continue earning money long after the original sale.

Reassured for Every Sale

Thanks to Horizon's tracking system, you'll always get credit for your efforts.

Make Connections

Promoting Horizon services enables you to interact with industry leaders and marketers that can help enhance your skills to grow.

Service Categories

The Horizon Affiliate Marketplace allows you to earn up to 10% commissions by promoting our core & specialized services.


Janitorial Service

Lawn Mower Selection Support




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Let's Get Started

Whether you are looking for some extra monthly income or you want to grow your service business, becoming a Horizon affiliate will get you there. Each Horizon affiliate started with the same initial process: signing up for a Horizon affiliate account. Let's get started.