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Special Cleaning Services

Special project services from Horizon Services include a wide range of contract cleaning services designed to augment routine janitorial services. Our special projects division has diverse experiences from post construction cleaning to event services to your standard project services including hard surface floor care, carpet services, window cleaning etc.

Services Include:

Carpet Extraction

Horizon Services has cleaning technicians experienced in carpet cleaning and stain removal. We use a hot water extraction process, which forces hot water into the carpet, and then the machine sucks it straight out. The hot water dislodges dirt and debris from the carpet fibers. Carpets dry quickly without leaving behind a detergent residue that can attract dirt and make carpets look unclean.

VCT Floor Care

Vinyl is still one of the most popular floor coverings. It is a very serviceable and long lasting product, but it needs to be correctly maintained in order for it to look its best and to prolong its life. Stripping floors removes buildup which makes floors look clouded and refinishing provides a high shine finish and protects floors from wear and tear.

Power Washing

Power washing services are designed to clean and restore surfaces to as close to their original look as possible. They are ideal for adding new life to building exteriors, walkways, and parking areas.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning are duties that are not necessarily included in a general cleaning contract, yet are required to be attended to from time to time to keep a building clean and looking good.  Typical services included in spring cleaning are window cleaning, carpet & floor care, high dusting, detail cleaning of workstations. 

Emergency Clean-up

If there is ever a time an emergency cleanup needed we are available. We can never predict when an emergency cleanup will be needed, but our trained staff is ready to clean if the cleaning needs to be done before the business days start.

Window Washing

Interior and exterior window washing services keep your windows looking fresh and new.  We remove the dust, smudges, and dirt from your windows making a clear difference in the look of your building.

Final Construction Clean-Up

We understand that every project is different and try to accommodate your individual needs accordingly. Whether you need to clean up of the rough construction materials, final cleaning or just a touch-up cleaning, we will be happy to help you with any of your construction cleanup needs.

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