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Green Cleaning

Protecting our environment is no small task but Horizon is happy to do its part by offering green cleaning solutions. When you chose Horizon’s green-cleaning you get the same superior clean of our traditional service as well as the assurance that we will use only the best in non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. 

What is Green Cleaning? 

Green cleaning is a process of cleaning that aims to reduce the environmental impact of janitorial services through the use of environmentally preferable products and waste-reducing cleaning methodologies.

Why go green? 

Green commercial cleaning not only reduces the environmental impact of janitorial services by improving indoor air quality, preventing air pollution and limiting the use of raw resources used it also helps green customers become more productive. Studies have suggested a correlation between green buildings and reduced absenteeism. 

The use of gentler cleaning products can mean long-term savings in the form of risk-reduction and gained efficiencies. 

How does green service differ from regular janitorial service? 

With Green services you will notice that much of the cleaning process focuses on preventing the spread of debris and improving indoor air quality. Standard green programs call for as-needed detail vacuuming and trash removal. 

Will I see a difference? 

For green cleaning to be viable it must come with the guarantee that your facility will still look its best. Horizon Green is committed to giving our environmentally conscious customers the same superior service Horizon is known for. 

What can I do to green my building? 

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