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When it comes to office cleaning, why use commercial cleaners?

When we're talking about business success, this includes the question, 'What investment would make me gain profit or benefit me the most?'. We're here to tell you that one of the investments you'll profit from is cleaning. Since most of your employees might work from home, you might believe hiring a commercial cleaner is a minor decision. However, you would be wrong. We want to tell you a little secret: maintaining a clean building is less expensive than performing periodic deep cleanings.

As the situation calms down, some companies are gradually converting to a hybrid workplace, which combines working from home and on-site. As a result, hiring commercial cleaners becomes less of a priority. A place that keeps employees' spirits high and inspires them will result in a productive day, so you also want to make sure you offer them a fun and healthy hybrid workplace environment. Employing commercial cleaners would improve your COVID cleaning regimen for this reason.

Office Cleaning Checklist

Are you still on the fence about working with a professional cleaner?

Well, that makes sense. Therefore, we provided a list of various items from the commercial cleaners' checklist to create the healthy hybrid workplace you desire for your employees.

Desks and Cubicles

Desks and cubicles are places where your employees can design a workstation that suits their needs best. They frequently have a stack of unfinished paperwork or are seated in front of their computers. They spend most of their eight-hour shifts at their desks and cubicles, so maintaining these workspaces is crucial. As we've mentioned in previous articles, keeping a tidy workspace increases output and morale. They are also ideal hosts for bacteria or viruses, so cleaning every nook and cranny is imperative.

Below are the tasks done by commercial cleaners:

  • Clean your computer's screen and keyboards.

  • cleaning off your desk of unused items and clutter

  • Clean out your garbage cans and buy new garbage bags.

  • The cleaning of the desk's surface

Cafeteria and rest areas

Besides working at desks and cubicles, employees also enjoy using their downtime to refuel by eating or drinking and unwinding after a long day at the office. Given that it is a shared space, this is one of the areas you should clean thoroughly. Therefore, failing to clean it regularly may allow bacteria or viruses to survive and spread more quickly.

Here is how business cleaners keep them tidy:

  • Sanitize frequently touched surfaces (E.g., tables, drawer handles)

  • Get rid of any leftovers, perishable items that have gone bad, and unwanted food that you find in the office refrigerator.

  • Thorough cleaning of the equipment in the break room (E.g., coffee maker, coffee pot, toaster, microwave, water dispenser)

Reception and Waiting Areas

It's essential to make a good first impression because an office front area serves as the area where visitors are welcomed. We all know that if they felt at home during their visit, it would encourage them to return. In addition, it increases their implicit trust in your company.

Commercial cleaners perform the following duties to achieve that:

  • Utilize the best mopping tools to achieve the highest level of cleanliness.

  • Regularly maintained carpets in the reception area and waiting area.

  • Dust and clean the furniture.

  • Clean the surfaces that customers notice first when they enter the business (E.g., windows, company sign)


In addition to being used for a specific purpose, bathrooms are communal areas where germs and viruses can spread more quickly. If not properly and frequently cleaned and disinfected, they are one of the ideal hosts for disease-causing germs and bacteria, which can cause an outbreak in your office. Commercial cleaners never wash the bathrooms after they start to look grimy and dirty. Commercial cleaners attempt to clean surfaces every day because not all clean-appearing characters are germ-free and because bacteria can hide on surfaces even when they appear clean on the outside.

Here's how they do it:

  • Pre-clean the urinals and sinks to allow the solution to dissolve all the dirt and grime buildup before beginning the cleaning process to push all the dirt down to the floor.

  • Clean thoroughly before sanitizing the toilets.

  • Clean sinks with antimicrobial cleaners.

  • Since most offensive odors come from drains, it places more emphasis on cleaning them.

  • Empty the trash cans.

  • cleans bathroom mirrors with wipes

Area Outside Your Office

Most offices used to be confined to indoor spaces, but things have changed. Businesses have begun constructing offices with outdoor spaces, such as a small garden, where staff members can relax during breaks by taking in some fresh air or taking in the scenery. Additionally, well-kept outdoor spaces give your building a good first impression.

Therefore, commercial cleaners focus on the following to improve your first impression with different visitors:

  • Clean welcome mats

  • Keeps the glass on your windows and doors clean and streak-free.

  • Clean up any dirt, leaves, or other debris on the ground or close to the front door.

Having all the tools and supplies you need in your office is imperative, but make sure they are organized, and the area itself feels tidy and welcoming. It is essential due to its many advantageous effects on your and your employees' well-being. To ensure you have everything you need, use the best office cleaning checklist mentioned above or contract with a reputable business cleaning service like Horizon Services.

Our cleaning service specialists guarantee that all essential components of your office are in excellent condition and establish a pleasant working environment. From small businesses to large buildings and complexes, we offer our services in Connecticut and a wide range of office cleaning services. Contact us immediately to receive the best commercial cleaning services in the area!

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