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Bring Your Carpets Back To Life For The New Year

As a commercial cleaning company, Horizon Services understands the importance of maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of your office carpets. Not only do carpets contribute to the overall aesthetic of your facility, but they also play a significant role in the health and comfort of your employees and guests. That is why we offer a range of commercial carpet cleaning services to meet the specific needs of your facility.

Regular Cleaning

Our regular cleaning service includes routine sweeping, vacuum cleaning, and spot removal treatments to protect your carpets from outdoor soils and stains. Additionally, we will provide daily vacuum cleaning and daily spot removal treatments to ensure your carpets remain clean and inviting. This service is perfect for those facilities with moderate foot traffic and carpets that are in good condition.

Interim Cleaning

For more heavily worn carpets, we offer interim cleaning services that include the use of a rotary floor machine and high-foaming cleaner to loosen and suspend soils. This service is perfect for those facilities with carpets that see a high amount of foot traffic and may require a more intense cleaning process.

Restorative Cleaning

And for those high-traffic, neglected areas of carpet, our restorative cleaning service uses hot water and non-foaming cleaners to deeply clean and restore the beauty of your carpets. This service is ideal for those carpets that have been neglected and require a more thorough cleaning process to bring them back to life. After your carpets receive a deep, restorative cleaning service, count on us to maintain their beauty and hygiene with a routine cleaning program.

Don't let dirty carpets bring down the appearance and health of your facility. Contact Horizon Services today to schedule your appointment for professional commercial carpet cleaning services and keep your carpets looking fresh and clean.

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