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Achieving Your School's Sustainability Goal

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

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Establishing a pristine and prosperous climate for students and staff should be a priority for schools. It assists with giving a wonderful and safe place to learn and work.

Simultaneously, schools are progressively hoping to utilize more sustainable processes as a part of their obligation to the climate and to help improve proficiency and lessen costs. This is especially significant for schools working towards Eco-School awards and grants. The difficult part is to comprehend the alternatives options and settle on choices that follow through on these goals.

The conventional picture of the school custodian with a mop and container is familiar. Modern cleaning equipment and technologies have changed this crucial job beyond recognition. There are numerous ways schools can adopt more prominent sustainability across their janitorial operations. This can incorporate changing to new items and methods of working that enhance effectiveness, utilize fewer resources, ratify waste, diminish water and energy utilization.

Below, we explain key ways that schools can improve their sustainability accreditations with regards to cleaning.


There is a plethora of cleaning supplies available. The chemical compound of these items is a significant consideration to improving sustainability. For instance, numerous items are advanced as “being made from natural ingredients” yet this can be deluding. At a basic level, just containing natural ingredients is no affirmation that an item is viable, safe, or undoubtedly sustainable.

For example, some cleaning items contain "lemon juice" as their active solution. Completely normal, one may think, yet actually, these items frequently utilize citrus extract (the fundamental compound in lemon juice) that is a result of some other industrial process. In addition, different constituents of the item's ingredients could be basic chemical synthetics with no sustainability advantage.

Cleaning Machines

Hard floors are regularly cleaned in large schools utilizing a machine called a scrubber. This machine applies a cleaning solution for the floor, cleans it with a rotating scrubbing action, and afterward eliminates it to leave the floor pristine and dry. The decision of the machine can be confusing yet the best produce optimal results, are exceptionally proficient and more sustainable than utilizing a mop.

The most technologically advanced machines consistently utilize the perfect measure of water and solution no matter what their moving pace is. Some accredited by environmental organizations like the Water Technology List, showing they have been evaluated for sustainability processes. These machines use cushions produced using an assortment of materials for explicit floor types, some being made from reused and/or recyclable materials.

Unmistakably there is much more to modern-day cleaning than the old mop and bucket and this mundane everyday process can add to a school's sustainability performance efforts. As well as making a positive assertion about the school's way to deal with sustainability a significant number of the issues that educate the decision-making process can likewise be introduced into the classroom to engage with students on real-world issues in an impactful way.

Eco-Schools believes in a healthy, pristine, and prosperous environment to achieve sustainability

Horizon Service Company is the northeast leader in commercial cleaning and hygiene. We developed our Horizon Care program for Eco-Schools in New England. Our facility hygienist experts offer advice and support on sustainable cleaning and wider sustainability topics to schools wanting to achieve and maintain Eco-Schools accreditation.

Contact Rich Konopoka to learn more: 860-234-7596 |

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