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Preparing the Building: Cleaning, Disinfecting & Supplies

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Cleaner Cleaning Window in Safety Gear and a Mask

• Review site inventory of cleaning chemicals, materials, and consumables to ensure inventory levels are aligned with forecasted building occupancy

• Ensure a safety data sheet is available for all chemicals and requirements for safe use are followed

• Ensure cleaning equipment and tools are in working condition

• Cleaning staff should review and complete refresher training on general cleaning and site specific protocols

• Cleaners must be trained on proper disinfecting guidelines

• Determine areas that require thorough cleaning due to heavy usage such as event centers, gyms/locker rooms, conference rooms and restrooms

• Prior to initiating cleaning tasks, ensure all staff practice hand hygiene, washing hands thoroughly prior to putting PPE on, and follow Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) requirements with PPE

• Treat all surfaces using disinfectants from government approved or authorized lists ensuring all chemical dwell times are adhered to

• After use, workers should properly dispose of or sanitize PPE in accordance with WHO or local regulatory requirements.

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