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How to Protect Hotel Guests From Bed Bugs Post-Pandemic

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

How to Protect Hotel Guest from Bed Bugs Graphic

The damage from COVID-19 to hotels may not be over once the government green lights a return to travel, according to Spotta. The UK-based creator of smart pest systems says dormant bed bugs will live around a year without feeding, waiting for hotel guests to return. 

“If your hotel had bed bugs before lockdown, you’ll find them again when you reopen,” says Robert Fryers, CEO at Spotta, in a press release. “With a life span of more than a year, bed bugs are experts at conserving their energy when there’s no food available. And they’ll be hungry when your guests return.” 

While bed bugs are known to dislike light, rarely coming out during the day and hiding in the darkest places of hotel rooms such as under mattresses and in headboards, dormant bed bugs will awake from their slumber with an almost insatiable hunger, says Dr. Richard Naylor, director and chief entomologist at The Bed Bug Foundation.

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