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Crime-Fighting A.I. Could Be Used to Monitor Hand Washing Habits

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Clean Soapy Hands

A company in Japan has developed a monitor that uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to ensure that people working in healthcare, food service and hospitality are properly washing their hands.

Fujitsu Ltd's invention monitors various hand movements to ensure that those washing their hands are doing more than just going through the motions, reports Tribune India. The motions the A.I. technology looks for are those taught by the Japanese healthy ministry. 

Not only can the invention tell whether a person is making all of the proper movements during hand washing (don't forget to get under those fingernails) but it can also tell if the person is using soap. 

Work on the device started before the COVID-19 pandemic and is inspired by crime surveillance technology used to identify suspicious movements that help suggest whether a crime is taking place.

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