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Have Your Cleaning Frequencies Grew Within The Past Year?

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

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Due to companies now allowing people back into the buildings, it is very much likely that the cleaning frequencies of all buildings has grown dramatically. "For example, in corporate offices, sweeping or mopping floors is still done daily in 60 percent of facilities. In addition, 54 percent of corporate facilities are having glass spot cleaned daily or multiple times a day. These frequencies are even higher in multi-tenant facilities: 63 percent are sweeping or mopping daily while 69 percent are spot cleaning glass daily or multiple times a day." With cleaning frequencies increasing greatly over the past year it is critical that facilities are becoming more aware and finding a solution to the problem. Down below is a report that goes into depth on cleaning frequencies.

CleaningCostsandFrequencie2021 study
Download PDF • 3.28MB

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