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Your Facility’s appearance

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

When a client, customer, or student walks into a facility or building, its appearance will be the first thing that will speak to them. However, some facilities management are unaware that lack of cleanliness and a poor appearance may be one of the reasons that drive business away. Some people are more observant than you may think.

Clean Facility


Some may think that dust or dirt on the floors is a bad reputation or representation of a business/facility. It may lead them to believe that if the company is neglecting the care for their own company or the environment of their employees, they may not be able to care for their customers. Upholding a clean facility creates a better environment and overall reputation of a business/its facility.

Typical questions that you should ask yourself about your facility are:

  • Are the floors dusty and dirty?

  • Are the windows clean?

  • Do the carpets look like they need maintenance?

  • How do the light fixtures look, and do we need to clean them?

  • Are my floors safe, or do they need restoration?

  • Even the ceilings. Do they need cleaning as well?


Crane With Cleaning Worker on Top

Cleaning and disinfection can be performed throughout the facility in cubicles, common areas, shared areas, restrooms, floors, windows, walkways, carpets, ceilings, etc.

No matter where the dirty zone or section is, Horizon's cleaning crew will work to reach the spot to create a clean atmosphere in your facility and help to create a clean appearance. From big to minor cleaning problems, Horizon Services has a solution.

However, each facility is different, depending on size and shape; therefore, your facility cleaning methods and plans are customized based on its needs.

Horizon Services Corporation offers commercial cleaning services tailored to your facility's needs. Our operations managers lead an experienced team of professionally trained, detail-oriented cleaning service technicians dedicated to providing the industry with the highest quality, hassle-free cleaning services.

Horizon continues to be an award-winning service provider year after year through our proven quality assurance program and high customer satisfaction ratings.

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