Windows are the eyes of your business. What do yours say?

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If you maintain a commercial building, then you should understand the importance of good maintenance practices. One area of maintenance that is important but commonly overlooked for buildings is regular window cleaning. Window cleaning services are beneficial for commercial buildings because they can improve the look of your building with clear windows and keep debris such as dirt and spider webs from negatively affecting your windows. Environmental factors can also cause significant impact to the condition of your building’s caulking and waterproofing systems. A proactive approach in managing these issues always translates into significant cost-savings down the road, especially when avoiding costly water-caused damage.

Dirty windows not only make it difficult to work efficiently within your building; they also create a negative first impression for your onsite staff and visitors. Having a clean, professional appearance is imperative to creating and cultivating a safe environment.

If your commercial building is built with concrete, then regular professional window cleaning is especially important. Several minerals that are used to manufacture concrete, such as calcium, leach out of the concrete walls over time and slowly streak down the wall over any windows in its path. This concrete leaching leaves mineral streaks and hard stains on the windows that are especially difficult to remove and they can result in permanent damage if they are not removed quickly enough. Regular commercial window cleaning services will keep your windows free of minor mineral deposits by removing them before they become permanently etched in the glass. Concrete leaching is a slow process that occurs over extended periods of time so it is wise for managers of concrete buildings to schedule regular window cleaning services to prevent concrete leaching from ruining their windows.

Don’t fall into the trap of cutting out preventive maintenance. Selectively prioritize work needs from a maintenance-minded contractor’s perspective. Many waterproofing providers are focused solely on the large-scale replacement capital project. The Horizon team is uniquely positioned with the resources and expertise to handle any size washing, caulking or waterproofing project

It starts with regular inspection. Paul Nixon, Horizon Operation Manager with 30 years of experience and the Horizon team are building-access experts. Being able to assess the caulking and waterproofing needs of your building first-hand allows our team to make appropriate, practical recommendations for your needs; not simply by proposing unnecessary replacements, but truly providing recommendations suited for the unique timing of your building life-cycle.

When it comes time for capital projects for washing, waterproofing or caulking a planned approach is key to success. Projects do not need to be approached as “all-or-nothing”. Phasing these projects over multiple years will allow for prudent cash-flow management of the total project cost and reduced down-times. Horizon has been working with clients to break overwhelming projects down into phases. In uncertain times especially, working with a provider who is willing to access and assess, provide feedback, and troubleshoot and prioritize waterproofing has been a recipe for success for many of our satisfied clients.

Large City Building with Clean Windows

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