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"When can you start?"

As a potential customer, we understand that you might be dissatisfied with your current cleaning company and are seeking a better solution. We know that the two most pressing questions on your mind are: “How much will this cost?” and "When can you get started?" We’d like to focus on the latter.

Let us paint a common scenario. A Facility Manager has been unhappy with the cleaning company’s performance for months and decides to make a change. They give the current cleaning company a 30-day termination notice and contract with a new janitorial company. Unfortunately, the previous cleaning company is unable to provide the agreed-upon service during the transition period, leaving the Facility Manager in a tight spot.

We’d like to share some truths about starting up a new custodial service.

  • Firstly, it takes time to hire the right team. We do not operate like a staffing agency where we can instantly pull together a team. We must carefully consider the appropriate mix of team members needed for each customer and begin our recruitment efforts.

  • Secondly, janitorial work may not be complex, but it requires a good plan. Our work plan includes a cleaning sequence for each team member, checklists, and other details to ensure consistent results.

  • Lastly, everyone on the team must be trained properly. While most people think they know how to clean, there are specific techniques and safety protocols that they need to be aware of.

Given these factors, we cannot start immediately. It typically takes us about a month to find the right people, train them properly, and establish a good work plan. We recommend scheduling us at least 4 weeks in advance.

  • However, we understand that during the transition period, you may face some challenges, such as running out of toilet paper. To prepare for this period, we recommend taking a few steps. Firstly, ask your existing cleaning company to honor their commitment by providing service through the end of their agreement (30 days).

  • Secondly, ask your new cleaning company if they have a “floater” team member that can provide minimal coverage in the event that the previous company fails to live up to their obligation.

  • Thirdly, if you use a staffing agency, contact them to see if they can provide someone to cover essential items during the transition.

  • Lastly, notify everyone on your team and ask for their help during this time.

We hope this information is helpful to you. We are committed to providing high-quality custodial services and look forward to partnering with you.

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