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This Fall, keep your office floors tidy.

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

When a client or visitor walks into your building, clean floors leave a great first impression. However, your floors will get scuffed up and worn out with many people using your facility, including clients, employees, and delivery personnel. Trust Horizon Services to take care of all your cleaning and disinfecting requirements to create a tidy and welcoming office environment. We offer professional carpet and hard floor cleaning schedules that distinguish your office from the competition.

Why Cleaning Is Important

First of all, bacteria and allergens thrive in carpets. While carpeted floors cushion your feet and can conceal dirt, upkeep is essential to prevent them from turning into a haven for bacteria of all kinds or, even worse, mold. Second, the appearance of your carpet is necessary; dirty or stained carpets can give customers a negative impression of your company. Third, your staff will undoubtedly notice the foul smell from dirty carpets.

Your staff members and customers anticipate entering a stunning, tidy environment. Anyone entering your building will be inspired by clean carpets and hard floors, which will put them in a positive frame of mind.

Dust and dirt tracked onto your carpets daily can be removed with a simple vacuum or broom clean-up. Allergens are removed by vacuuming with devices equipped with Hepa filters. Our floor care program offers numerous advantages, including maintaining your carpets' cleanliness and enhancing the air quality of your building. The health of your staff and customers can be well-protected with the help of quality commercial cleaning services.

Horizon Services has built a solid reputation by delivering results for more than 30 years. Whatever your requirements, we can provide a commercial cleaning program that offers reliable, high-quality cleaning and raises your company's value.

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