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Teamwork is Important for Any Business

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

How Horizon Works as A Team to Deliver High-Quality Janitorial Services

Teamwork is Horizon Services Company’s first Core Value. Teamwork is the combined action of a group of people to achieve a common goal. Our mascot, Ralphy, learned his lesson previously by refusing to work with others and thinking that he could run a business on his own. However, Ralphy realized that hiring people who are long-term-minded, work well in a team, have good communication skills, and care helps to shape a business and creates a whole new level of teamwork.

Teamwork brings different people who possess different skills and personal qualities together. Teamwork is important within any business because it creates collaboration, and interest, and fills skill gaps in the completion of projects. Teamwork helps to divide the workload and assign tasks.

Teamwork helps the Horizon Family to connect with each other to attack large projects and to combine analytical, managerial, financial, and human skills all together in one place. Team work first consists of building a relationship and trust with a client. Another team member then works to create a personalized cleaning plan for the client that fulfills their needs. Our management team then works to check in with the client periodically to ensure the cleaning process is being completed correctly and safely. Keeping the relationship and trust with the client is very important to us here at Horizon, and success is based upon the client’s happiness and satisfaction with the job.

Teamwork also ensures that our crews understand their specific tasks to complete and are able to bring different abilities together complete janitorial, disinfection, and post-construction cleaning efforts thoroughly and efficiently. Teamwork allows the understanding and the importance of safety and keeping customers safe with communication throughout the cleaning process.

Teamwork can help any business by creating a group of people that bring unique and individual qualities to the table to create customer/client satisfaction in the end. Teamwork can be emphasized and practiced in any successful business.

Animal Cartoon Characters Demonstrating Teamwork

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