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Professional Janitorial Services Help Create a Positive Working Environment

Facility cleanliness is a key factor in productivity, efficiency, and profitability in every business niche, both large and small. This is especially true in healthcare facilities, manufacturing operations, and education due to the high-risk nature of these environments.

A recent Harvard study found that desk clutter alone cost businesses $2.5M in productivity. While clutter is a problem in offices, professional janitorial services can only encourage employees to clean their desks since they never touch clutter themselves.

They do address a number of other issues in offices and facilities that cost businesses way more money than clutter. Consider the exponential cost of sick days, workplace injuries, declining productivity, lower employee morale, and decreased customer satisfaction due to an unclean or poorly cleaned facility.

Investing in commercial cleaning for your facility can help stem and reverse these costs to your business. Here is how professional janitorial services help create a positive working environment.

Cost saving for facility operations

Professional janitorial services are a major part of your facility operations budget. Outsourcing these services to a company like Horizon Services will provide cost savings due to the efficiency of their team and the positive benefits of the work they complete.

When a positive working environment is established in your facility or office, efficiency and productivity are improved. Experienced commercial cleaners understand what your facility needs and how to provide it to maintain this positive environment year-round. They understand how to address seasonal events, such as cold and flu and allergy season, in order to keep your employees protected and to reduce sick days. They also know how to help you establish a good first impression and maintain your business’ reputation.

Employee health and safety

One of the reasons for reduced productivity due to desk clutter can be explained by a study conducted by Princeton University. The study found that the visual cortex (in the brain) can become overwhelmed by clutter and general uncleanliness such as dirt, debris, and grime.

Professional janitorial services will help improve employee health and safety by addressing problem areas regularly, such as spills, dirt, and grime build-up. They can also help prevent the spread of diseases, control bacteria levels, and improve vital environmental conditions such as air quality.

Enhanced reputation and image

In business, reputation is everything. Customers, tenants, and employees are forming opinions of your operation all the time. First impressions are the most important aspect of your business reputation, and so is maintaining a good image.

Professional janitorial services can help you establish a good first impression with everyone who visits your facility. They will also help you enhance your operation’s reputation and image by:

  • Maintaining facility cleanliness

  • Sanitizing high-touch areas

  • Cleaning carpets

  • Emptying trash

  • Washing windows

  • Maintaining lobbies, offices, and warehouses

  • Addressing spills and emergencies

  • Keeping restrooms clean and well stocked

Time saving for facility managers

Another aspect of a positive working environment is time. Facility managers need to have sufficient time to do their jobs. If they are constantly overseeing janitorial crews or even handling cleaning duties, then their performance will suffer and so will your facility.

One of the many advantages professional janitorial services offer facilities is they take pressure off of facility managers by maintaining facility cleanliness. When FMs have time to work, then your operation will run smoother and more efficiently.

Interested in professional janitorial services in Connecticut?

Horizon Services has been providing professional janitorial services in Connecticut for 30 years! Contact us to schedule your free consultation! Click here or call 860-291-9111

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