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Overlooking Small Roof Problems or Defects Can Lead to Major Damage

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Ignoring or overlooking small roof complications is a common mistake within facilities and facilities management. Visible cracks, aging, abuse, stress, leaks, or ignored errors, ventilation problems, and distress can lead to major problems for the entire roof system and building. Roofs are made to cover an entire building and its contents, therefore protecting the roof is important to protect all other assets, belongings, and even customers and habitants of the facility.

Small cracks and leaks can lead to major water problems in the building/facility, therefore causing the potential for a safety hazard or an accident. This is why inspections are crucial.

Inspections will ensure safety for the customers, employees, workers, and management groups who are frequently in the building. Inspections may also give light to other conditions affecting the building. There could be underlying safety issues with any facility roof, which is why inspections are crucial. Not only this, but it will ensure the safety of anyone doing repairs, maintenance, or services to the building, such as service crews like ours.

An inspection is simple. According to BSM Magazine Vol. 20 Issue 12, inspections can be performed twice a year to ensure your roof is safe. Inspections can be done during the Fall and the Spring to assure long roof life.

Inspecting a roof consists of simple steps. The first step is to look at the underside of the deck. The next step is to check the outside for cracks, stains, rusting, watermarks, and wet spots. Further steps include the repair of small problems and inquiring a professional roofer about any visible roof problem. Regular roof inspections are important, with inspections twice a year at the least, in the Spring and in the Fall. If there seem to be visible issues, the final step would be to contact your professional roofer if necessary. This can add 10 years to roof life and possibly even save your facility from further damage by catching simple roof “injuries.

As Facilities Management works to constantly monitor the basic needs of the building and overall safety within the building and the structure, it is important to not leave out regular inspection of the roof, as it will protect the building structure and everyone in it.

Small Leak on the Roof of a Facility

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