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Supply costs

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Recent Increase in Supply Costs Graphic

Supply and material prices have been continually rising recently. Inflation is the main cause of this, as well as an increase in oil prices. As oil is important for any company, facility, factory, etc. in transporting materials and transporting people, this has a direct impact on any prices, as well as the cost of many supplies. Because it costs more to produce, it will cost more to get. This has been a recent battle for many companies, including commercial cleaning companies like Horizon.

With a recent increase in supply costs, many companies and facilities find it more difficult and expensive to obtain simple products such as raw materials, gauze, tape, gloves, bandages, paper products, test tubes, plastic materials, safety gear, and many other items.

In addition to these items that are now harder to obtain, there is an increase in the price of resin.

Resin is a sticky substance that is used to make plastic. Therefore, anything made out of plastic will automatically become more expensive. Supplies that have become more expensive recently for cleaning companies, services, and companies in general include:

  • Trash liners and trash cans

  • One- and five-gallon containers that are used to package cleaning solutions

  • Plastic spray bottles

  • Cleaning equipment encased in plastic

  • Surface coatings

Many manufacturers, facilities management, and general management are frustrated because of a recent increase in supply costs. Supply costs have a major impact on any business and the cost of production. Companies then have to raise the prices of their products or services or have less money on hand for spending. Even Tesla was forced to raise their prices amid rising costs.

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