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Increase in summer Utility Costs

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

In the summer, when temperatures are higher, air conditioning is run more often, which directly correlates to a higher electrical cost for companies. In addition to this, providers are now increasing their rates, which will make utilities even more expensive for any company.

Utilities can be divided into the major categories of Water, Electricity, Gas, Wi-Fi, and other miscellaneous. Controlling the amount of energy that a facility uses, especially during the summertime will help to keep costs lower. Keeping usage at a low or at a minimum will directly correlate to the utility costs decreasing for a facility.

Electricity is the major component and most consuming factor of utility usage during the summertime. To decrease the usage of electricity, keep thermostats set constantly at 78 degrees in temperature. This will reduce the number of times that the thermostats turn on and off, saving electricity. Installing door sweeps can also prevent cool air from seeping out of the facility entrances and exits, containing the cool air and reducing its usage. Ceiling fans are a great idea to install for a less expensive cooling system as well. Closing shades during the daytime will reduce any sun damage to any wood inside the building as well as keep the building cooler overall, reducing the consumption of electricity.

EIA Energy Statistics

Other Ways to Save Money During the Summer…

Riding a motorcycle or a bike to work instead of driving can help to save a great amount of gas money for each individual employee. Installing and investing in new electronic and technological systems such as electronic hand drying systems can do away with paper towel costs and other miscellaneous costs that can be avoided.

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