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Hybrid Working: How Flexible Office Cleaning Can Help Your Business

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Many people working worldwide have changed drastically in the past year, and many businesses have decided to depart from traditional office-based working. Hybrid working has become a prominent staple by which the staff splits their time between the office and remote working.

This kind of working schedule has raised plenty of challenges for businesses. More than operational concerns, most companies also focus on improving your business's image by hiring commercial cleaning and understanding it before you regret it.

Consideration for Hybrid Work

Employers today understand the value of flexible work for employees. According to a survey by Prudential called Pulse of the American Worker, 87% of workers working remotely during the COVID-19 outbreak in 2021 still favored keeping it up at least once a week. Furthermore, according to 68% of respondents to the survey, the hybrid workplace model is the best.

Employees are now pickier about the companies they choose to work for. Failing to adopt the hybrid working model could have severe consequences for businesses. In response to the pandemic, 42% of currently employed remote workers said they would likely look for a company that does provide work-from-home options.

The business world has been discussing how to manage people in hybrid workplaces. However, we may forget how to make sure that when employees return to the workplace, they continue to feel safe and at home.

According to a survey conducted in 2021, 65% of American workers expressed concern about the cleanliness and safety of their workplaces upon their return. In addition, 58% of respondents said they would be happy to see their workplaces make more of an effort to maintain cleanliness and sanitation in light of the pandemic.

Here are some steps you can take to make sure your workplaces are tidy, comfortable, and safe so that your employees can succeed in a hybrid working model:

A Flexible Office Set-Up and Maintaining a Cleaning Protocol

Find a cleaning schedule for your office that is flexible and works for your company.

It would be beneficial if you kept in mind the nature of your company as you looked for a cleaning schedule. Pick a cleaning schedule that will accommodate the particular requirements of your company. Consider a cleaning schedule that will cause the least amount of disruption to your daily activities. Maintaining flexibility is essential if your business hours have changed or if you need to do something to accommodate your employees' schedules while they participate in hybrid working.

Invest in workplace hygiene-promoting supplies.

To keep your staff happy and secure in the workplace, your office's few bottles of alcohol and numerous boxes of tissues may need to level up. Nowadays, employees want to believe that management puts their safety first, especially if they are asked to return to the workplace.

Information about what employees want at work is available from the Harris Poll. 58% of workers wish to hand sanitizers, 48% want hands-free faucets and dispensers in the restrooms, and 35% want higher-capacity paper towel dispensers.

Be open and truthful when describing cleaning techniques.

Employees want to be informed as their awareness of safety has increased. 44% of respondents to the same survey said they wanted more information about cleanliness and safety when returning to their offices. Many facility customers now maintain systems for reporting and documenting cleaning. By posting it on bathroom walls, you can post a cleaning monitoring tool so that your staff can see if and when the restroom has been sanitized.

Being open and honest about cleaning procedures and practices is essential for demonstrating your commitment to maintaining a healthy working environment for staff members. They will feel more secure knowing you are trying to educate and inform them.

Hire commercial cleaning services

Some companies might not have adequate personnel or resources to clean their offices. Fortunately, there's no need to worry; hire a commercial cleaning service. When selecting a commercial cleaning company, vet care ensures they provide exceptional service and pay attention to every little detail.

Make sure the team you hire is equipped with the best tools and is trained to the highest standards. Choosing cleaners who offer various services, from carpet and window cleaning to restroom services, is preferable to guarantee that your workplace is always left spotless. Additionally, pick a team that can be gentle with your office's technology, including PCs, laptops, light switches, air conditioners, and other items.

Getting Ready for Site Work

Making sure your workers feel safe when they return to the office is a good idea if you're currently organizing their return. Whether you plan to switch to hybrid working or spend all day in the office, make sure you create a cleaning schedule that works for you, your team, and your workspace.

Our daily lives have been drastically altered by the pandemic, making it difficult to learn how to maneuver through an environment that is constantly changing.

Horizon Services can take care of the grunt work in maintaining your office. Our extensive experience in various industries ensures our work's caliber. We have you covered, from carpet upkeep to HVAC cleaning. We can give you everything you require to set up your hybrid work program.

Don't think twice! Get in touch with us to learn more about our services immediately.

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