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How to Find High Quality Janitorial Services

Before you outsource professional janitorial services to handle your cleaning needs, it is imperative that you research vendors in order to choose the best one for the job. You will need to find a partner who prioritizes the cleanliness and safety of your operation as much as you do. Here is how to find high quality janitorial services for your facility.


Research is the key to finding the best professional janitorial services in your area. Contact facility managers in your industry and ask them for referrals. Conduct research on your own then compare vendors with Horizon Services:

  • Experience: Horizon Services has been serving to Connecticut for 30 years

  • Staffing: All of our employees are vetted with background checks and trained beyond industry standards to ensure high-quality work

  • Operations Management: You will form a great relationship with our operations managers while they oversee our crew working at your facility

  • Reviews: Customer satisfaction is our top-priority


Facility operations are substantial and contain many moving parts and people. This is why communication is a key factor to look for in a professional janitorial services provider.

Facility managers do not have time to babysit commercial cleaners on a daily basis to make sure they are doing their job. The reason you outsource this service is to take the pressure off your managers to keep your facility clean.

Horizon Services Company encourages communication with our customers, which is why one of our managers will be on-site inspecting your job on a regular basis. We will also schedule a meeting with you once per quarter to ensure we are exceeding your expectations and meeting our scope of work (SOW).

Safety and Certifications

According to OSHA, 2.7 worker injuries or illnesses occur annually per 100 workers. In manufacturing facility settings, injuries or illnesses can be devastating to employees, operations, and your bottom line.

Commercial cleaners are responsible for helping prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, and helping your facility remain compliant with OSHA safety rules and regulations.

When vetting professional janitorial service providers, check for certifications, such as CIMS GB, listed on their website. Certifications such as this mean the organization has taken the necessary steps to meet industry standards in their hiring, training, and cleaning procedures.


Quality professional janitorial services will save your facility money in the long term for a number of reasons. Commercial cleaning services will help your facility cut costs by preventing injuries to employees, protecting facility assets such as carpets and floors, and providing a clean and safe environment for guests and staff.

Cleanliness will also boost morale and improve productivity in your facility. Employees appreciate a clean work environment and your commitment to protecting their health and wellbeing.

With that said, commercial cleaning companies should be up front about the cost of their services. Each provider you are considering should offer you a customized service plan that outlines their cost for providing professional janitorial services for your facility.

Contact Horizon Services today to schedule a free on-site consultation.

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