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How One Teacher is Preparing Her Classroom

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Happy School Child Running

A Florida teacher who educates kindergarten through second grade students with special needs has implemented extra safety precautions to make her classroom safer now that school has resumed.

The desks in Erik Franz’s classroom are now separated from one another. Each desk is also surrounded by a plastic shield in an effort to prevent germs from spreading, reports WTSP. 

At least some group learning can be beneficial for kids, especially at the ages Franz teaches. That’s why Franz has built a table-sized plastic barrier that will allow kids to sit together safely when working in a group. The barrier, which can be seen in WTSP’s story, leaves a plastic covering between each student that is seated at the table.

Franz has also retrieved an air purifier for her classroom, as well as plenty of hand sanitizer and cleaning materials. While the district is allowing facilities to decide whether their kids will learn online or in-person, those who pick the later should benefit from Franz’s efforts.

Mrs. Franz's classroom opened for the school year on Monday.

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