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Horizon's Stain removal guide

Items that are spilled on clothes, floors, carpets, etc. can leave a mark that is tough and

stubborn to remove. These stains include blood, beer, chocolate, coffee, fruit juice, paint, pen ink, perspiration, glue, and wine. By following this stain removal guide, it will be easier to remove tough stains.

As a commercial cleaning service, our crews are educated on the purposes of different types of chemicals and what they do. The chemicals in the chart that are suggested to use include Enzyme Products, Hydrogen Peroxide, Carpet Shampoo, Detergent, Glycerin 2, Paint Remover, and Acetone 1. Enzyme Products can also typically be known as Oxi Clean.

Always make sure to do research before mixing any chemicals and to avoid chemicals with ingredients that you may be allergic to.

Canva Design- Stain Removal Guide

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