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Horizon's Janitorial Quality Control

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Quarterly Review Meetings

We hold quarterly review meetings with you to thoroughly examine and evaluate all aspects of our services. This meeting approaches our services from a high-level view and ensures we are completely aligned with you on all aspects of our partnership. Your Account Support Team and assigned Site Supervisor attend, and we invite you to include any of your company representatives.

Company Mission and Core Values

At each meeting, we ask you for a “wish list.” We then work together to refine that list into specific action items, prioritized by your input. We have found this works because we are able set realistic expectations and achieve them in the designated time frame. As a result, you get what you need, and we earn credibility with you and your staff.

A typical quarterly meeting agenda includes a combination of the following:

  • Discuss, refine, and prioritize your wish list

  • Confirm minutes from previous meetings and report on resulting activities

  • Review inspection reports and any open job status reports

  • Review the historical log of property activities

  • Discuss adjustments and changes to your customized maintenance program

  • Present new cleaning technologies and products

  • Discuss any concerns or issues you have

  • Recommend new ideas and strategies

  • Make recommendations about potential issues our staff have observed

  • Set goals and objectives to be completed by the next meeting

  • Confirm your billing information

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