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Dirty Facility Floors Could Be the Cause of an Accident

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

No One Likes the Look of a Dirty Floor. However, Did You Know that it Can Actually Be Quite Dangerous?

Contracting Profits Magazine, Jan/Feb 2022


Middle Aged Man Slipping and Falling on Wet Floor

A great amount of dirt, water, and dust is tracked into facilities on people’s shoes daily. The accumulation of these elements causes damaged flooring, along with pools of water, dirt, dust, and mud that can eventually lead to slip-and-fall accidents. An injury as a result of damaged flooring to a customer or an employee is a liability for your facility. It can also detract from your facility’s appearance.

There are steps to take to prevent damaged floors and to prevent possible accidents from happening to a customer or employees. Mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, etc. can help to keep floors clean and safe. However, this may not always be enough.

Selecting a proper matting system for your floors could save your facility thousands of dollars by preventing tracked in debris and accidents from this debris. Eric Candell, Vice President of Dutch Hollow Supplies, Belleville, Illinois recommends that when selecting the right type of mats for your facility that you should consider a number of factors, such as amount of space, size of facility, areas/levels of foot traffic, and quality, (BSCAI 7).

There are many different types of mats to choose from to fit your facility and its needs, and it is important to choose correctly to ensure safety. Types of mats include outdoor scraper mats, indoor wiper/scraper mats, indoor wiper, and anti-fatigue mats. Professional consultants can assist in simplifying matting systems by doing walk-throughs of the facility.

Implementing a matting system and knowing that dust, dirt, moisture, and mud can be contained within the front of the facility will assure facilities management that it is clean and safe.

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