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Cleaning - Should we outsource?

In today’s world, the cleanliness of a building is of utmost importance. More than ⅔ of executives say that their employees have expressed concern about cleanliness in the workplace. Without a clean, disinfected building, you risk losing employees and clients.

When deciding on how best to handle your cleaning needs, you essentially have 2 options; in-house cleaners or outsourcing to a cleaning company. When you’re considering your choice, cost will obviously be a factor. Before hiring or outsourcing, there are some important cost factors to consider. How often do you need the facility cleaned? How many employees or customers work in or visit your facility? What’s the size of the property? What type of facility is it and what’s the needed level of experience with your type of facility? Some other considerations could include:

  • Hiring and training the team. Reports indicate it will cost more than $4000 per person and an average of $1100 annually to train a new employee.

  • Insurance costs - health, workers comp, and general liability

  • Management time and associated costs

  • Cost of equipment and supplies

The bottom line is, when you look at all the costs, hiring an outside cleaning company is generally the most cost effective way to control cleaning costs. If you have roughly 8 full time cleaners, an outside vendor could save you nearly $100,000 per year on your cleaning expenses when all factors are considered.

In addition, a good cleaning service will take all the headaches out of managing cleaners. They offer quality assurance, frequent communication, manage callouts and turnover, training, cleaning supplies and equipment. It’s one less burden for you to worry about.

Often we’ll hear, “we’re very happy with our in-house crew. They do a great job”. If that’s the case with you, that’s terrific. If you’re starting to examine costs and effectiveness, you may find that an outside cleaning company can do a better job at less cost.

If you have any questions or need some consultation regarding your cleaning needs, please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

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