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Check Your Water

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Centers for Disease Control (2021)

While buildings/businesses are closed, proactive steps can be taken to prevent stagnation and maintain building water quality. Maintaining the water quality may help prevent the need to perform more complex restoration steps before reopening. The following are recommended steps to take while buildings are closed:

• Review and understand the plumbing configuration and water usage in your building. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides guidance on building water systems in their Water Management Program toolkit.

• Inspect the plumbing to ensure it is functioning properly and is in good condition.

• Contact your water utility if you have questions on the status of water usage and quality in the distribution system in your area and to coordinate maintenance activities, if necessary.

• Maintain any water treatment systems used in the building, such as any point-of-entry or point-of-use filters or water softeners.

• Maintain the hot water system, including keeping the temperature in the hot water heater at or above 140°F per CDC guidance to prevent Legionella growth.

• Flush the building’s plumbing system regularly

Water Management Program
Download PDF • 9.64MB

Water Safety in Buildings
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Modern Faucet with Clear Running Water

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