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Team Cleaning or Zone cleaning?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

When hiring a commercial cleaning company, you may have questions about which services you need, how often, how many hours, what chemicals are used, and especially how the services are performed.

A commonly asked question is: Am I in need of Team Cleaning or Zone Cleaning? What is the difference?

This article will provide a breakdown as to which is best for your facility.

Team Cleaning

Team cleaning consists of a group of professionals that are sent to your commercial facility and will be trained for specific tasks working together as a group. Team Cleaning is beneficial because each worker is highly trained and an expert in performing specific jobs. For example, one person may be responsible for dusting and emptying trash while another person vacuums all the floors. Another person will be assigned to clean all the restrooms as a different team member cleans entryways and mops floors.


This makes cleaning more efficient because different team members possess different skills. As they work as a team, they are able to split tasks and ensure that the facility is cleaned properly and in the most efficient manner, inch by inch. They are specialists in their duties, which can be broken down into:

1. Light Duty Specialist: Dusting, emptying trash, spot cleaning.

2. Vacuum Specialist: Vacuuming carpets as well as hard floors.

3. Restroom Specialist: Cleaning, sanitizing, and restocking supplies in restrooms.

4. Utility Specialist: Cleaning lobby areas, spot cleaning glass, mopping and scrubbing hard floors, and hauling trash to dumpsters.

Zone Cleaning

Zone Cleaning consists of a group of professionals who break up facility tasks by the job. For smaller-scale facilities and buildings, one person may clean the first floor of your facility, and another may clean the second. They combine the tasks that a team would normally take on. They are responsible for each task that makes up the job, as a team would be. In the case of larger buildings that are more spread out, each floor is broken up into sections. Each person is responsible for the entire area.


Zone Cleaning allows us to distinguish work between members and to make sure we are awarding members for their efficient, yet detail-oriented work done in each specific zone, or area. Zone Cleaning will allot more time and dedication to specific areas that are in need of attention.

If you need further assistance, advice, or help on cleaning/disinfection needs,

Fill out a form with your information on our contact page and we can help to decipher which method would work best for your building/facility.

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