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Update to Horizon Customers and Vendors regarding COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 Response - Horizon Services Corp  


To our valued Clients and Vendors,


In regards to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation, we want to let you know the steps we’ve taken at Horizon Services to protect the health and welfare of our employees and their families, while ensuring that you continue to receive excellent, uninterrupted service. This is critical due to the cleaning and disinfection services which especially must go on.


Fortunately, we’re in an excellent position to continue to operate as usual to support our customers during this pandemic. Earlier last week, we also assembled a crisis management team across all of our markets that meets daily to review information and determine action steps needed.


We’re well prepared to continue to support your business with the same level of service, while limiting exposure for our employees and yours.


In order to ensure proper disinfection of your location at times it may be necessary to adjust some cleaning routines in order to stay within scheduled time frames. Otherwise please contact the manager assigned to your account to discuss the cost of additional services.


As you may be aware there is an acute shortage of disinfectant products available in the supply chain.  We expect that to continue for some time. In order to provide disinfectant to our teams we are reviewing our current no bleach policy. In the coming weeks as supply of disinfectants dictate, we may approve the use of properly diluted bleach as a means of disinfection to help our customers' facilities sanitized for your workforce.


In addition we have issued the following direction to our workforce “if you are sick or symptomatic you are not to report to work”.  For our managers we will be requiring them to report their temperatures on our morning management calls at 8:30am. Any reports that do not coincide with the CDC guidelines, the manager will not be allowed to work that day.


Especially at this time, our management will continue to require access to insure cleaning and disinfection. We will time the access to avoid contact as much as possible; including calling our customers from lobby and parking lot although we are on site


Much of our management time will be spent supervising staff as well as off hours inspection in order to reduce contact. Use of video inspection while on site and to be available by phone and Zoom call to customers.


Please notify our company immediately if you know of cases and suspected cases of COVID-19 so that we may notify and protect the health of our staff immediately at 800-949-5323. 


Finally, if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in your facility please contact us immediately at 800-949-5323.  If the area can be shut down for 72 hours prior to cleaning, Horizon can provide the cleanup/disinfection service by that point and we have the proper PPE to provide to our staff.   


Please contact your account manager for specific planning or special needs not addressed in this notice during this on going crisis. Thank you.


Future updates to be appended that may supercede - Updated as of 3/19/2020

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