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COVID-19 Notice to Staff and Vendors

To Staff & Vendors


We have requested that all customers notify us immediately upon knowledge of cases or suspected cases of COVID-19 so that we may instruct you on additional procedures and/or work reassignment if needed.


If you obtain knowledge or suspect cases on site, please notify your supervisor or manager immediately for further instructions.


It is requested that to reduce contact that staff and vendors reduce  voluntary visits to office and administrative sites. For all staff who have not signed up for direct deposit pay, please use this situation to hasten your payroll payment and reduce contact and exposure for you.


Due to shortages in supplies, it is requested that staff conserve PPE and other protective equipment issued. Please report shrink and theft of both items immediately.


Please notify your supervisor/manager immediately upon discovery of symptoms of COVID virus including cough, respiratory illness, fever over 100F. It is requested to call and take sick provisions. All provisions in effect per handbook.


In cases of specific customer site closings, we will make all efforts to find and reassign work hours. Please make your supervisor/manager aware of additional days and hours you are available for work (especially if you are part-time for us and have lost your full time). Although we cannot guarantee replacement hours we will make all efforts to spread work hours among all personnel.

You may need to report to other sites, other services and work in cooperation with other displaced staff in temporary work arrangements until the crisis passes.

Thank you very much for the work you do every day on the frontlines of this crisis to keep our communities and families safe! 



Ted Hsu, President


Future updates to be appended that may supersede - Updated as of 3/19/2020

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