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COVID-19 Communications - Request for all and potential contacts from customers. 3/30/20 Update

Good Morning,

As the month of March comes to an end the region has seen a marked upswing in confirmed Covid - 19 cases.  Many businesses have shut down or taken action to reduce worker interaction by staggering shifts.  Based on the recent recommendations from the governor's offices in the area it appears the work stoppage and interruptions will continue until at least April 30th.
Please know that our staff at Horizon are considered essential employees and as such they are available to service our clients.  With the rising number of confirmed Covid -19 cases. We are prioritizing reacting to our existing client base before we accept any new business.  We have the ability to react to your buildings to do a complete disinfection generally within 24 hours of a request. We will utilize the protexus electrostatic sprayer in order to completely disinfect the affected area. In addition we are following CDC guidelines in order to protect our workforce.  Those include: wearing the proper PPE's; and waiting at least 4 hours to enter an area of a confirmed case to clean and disinfect.  
In order to ensure the most effective lines of communication I would request that you send to me any and all KEY Contacts for your business who may contact me to request service.  It should include: Name; Title; Phone numbers both office and cell phone; and Email address.
Additionally we offer proactive disinfection service in order to keep your workforce healthy and productive that can be accomplished during times when your building is not in use.  If you would like to discuss pricing please contact me.
While we have restricted our managers daytime visits so to reduce exposure to both themselves and you.  They will continue to make night inspections to ensure that our standards are being maintained as well as to provide updates to our team members.  Please notify us if there are additional restrictions  to your place of business.
Lastly, the supply chain issues remain in place.  We continue to have difficulty in acquiring Hand Sanitizer, Antibacterial soap, disinfecting wipes, and consumables.  As many of these items have been prioritized for Hospitals and Nursing homes.  We are working to identify alternative sources, but we expect the current disruption to remain in place for the foreseeable future.
As always should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
David Ouellette

Director of Operations, Horizon Services Corp

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